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Augmented Reality based on Edge Computing using the example of Remote Live Support
M. Schneider, J. Rambach, D. Stricker
IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT), Toronto, Canada, 22–25 March 2017

AR-Unterstützung durch Steuerungshersteller, Auslagerung rechenintensiver Augmented-Reality-Algorithmen auf den Industrie-PC
M. Schneider, D. Stricker
Werkstattstechnik Online, March 2017


Drahtlose Netzwerk-Kommunikation als Enabler für mobile Augmented-Reality-Applikationen in der Industrie Wireless Network-Communcation as an Enabler for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications in Industry
M. Schneider, M. Aleksy, D. Stricker
VDE-Kongress 2016 "Internet der Dinge", Mannheim, Germany, 7–8 November 2016

Modular 60-GHz Beamforming Transceiver in 130-nm BiCMOS for Scalable 5G Backhaul Solutions
A. Malignaggi, M. Ko, A. C. Ulusoy, M. Petri, J. Gutiérrez, E. Graß, D. Kissinger
European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC), London, United Kingdom, 3–4 October 2016

Learning to Fuse: A Deep Learning Approach to Visual-Inertial Camera Pose Estimation
J. R. Rambach, A. Tewari, A. Pagani, D. Stricker
IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), Merida, Mexico, 19–23 September 2016

Utilizing Multiple Interaction Styles to Collect Installed Base Information Using Wearable and Mobile Devices
M. Aleksy, N. Fantana
International Conference on Mobile Web and Information Systems (MobiWis), Vienna, Austria, 22–24 August 2016


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23–24 November 2016 in Kamp-Lintfort (IMST)
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